Three Tips for Technology Project Managers

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Quality project management is crucial to an innovative and prosperous technology business. Successful project managers lead teams of members with different backgrounds, skills and passions to create new products and protocols for business growth. Leading a team from innovation to project completion takes focus, enthusiasm and consistency.

Technology project management is a growing field. Project managers who have successfully managed large teams in the areas of infrastructure, change and program management are especially in demand. Although education and certification in project management look great on your resume, a history of managing projects to completion is the best way to qualify for top-paying positions. Improve your project management skills by incorporating these tips into your leadership style.

Push Team Members Out of Their Comfort Zone

All projects have occasional plateaus and delays. Be proactive in minimizing downtime by setting motivational deadlines and encouraging out-of-the-box innovation. Project managers need to keep projects moving forward to avoid stagnation and the risk of members getting sidetracked from the project's goals. Have regular, tightly focused meetings to jump start leads and keep enthusiasm high. Encourage team members regularly, and show confidence in their abilities.

Focus on Communication

Never underestimate the importance of keeping everyone on the same page. Project managers need to communicate the project's vision regularly. Have your team members demonstrate understanding of that vision. Listen to your team members and demonstrate your understanding of their thoughts and activities. If you keep everyone working towards the same shared vision, you end up spending less time on unproductive tangents. Communicate regularly to keep the project moving in the right direction.

Stay Enthusiastic About the Project

Keep your own enthusiasm for the project high. Team members pick up on dishonest or insincere messages. If your enthusiasm wanes, be honest about it, and enlist your team's help in renewing your inspiration. Provide regular honest and sincere feedback during every project stage. Technology project management includes showing team members how their contributions tie into the big picture.

Match Motivation to Individual Goals

Keep your team members motivated by working with their personal goals. Get to know your team members, including their passions, skills and career plans. Great project managers assign tasks based on interests as well as abilities. Let team members know how their project activities promote advancement in their career paths. Show them how every task matters. Keep them abreast of changes and openings that work well with their goals.

Great project managers keep their projects moving forward with stellar communication and motivation techniques. Push your next project through to completion by stretching your team members' boundaries while helping them grow. Each successful project provides you with new opportunities to build your resume and advance your career.

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