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Whether you are recently unemployed or have been on the job hunt for awhile, now may be the time to take a step back and consider your job search strategy.

· Are you looking the same type of job you had when you were downsized? Maybe the reason you can’t find another is your previous job is no longer in demand.

· Are you secretly sabotaging your job search because you don’t want the same type of boring job you had?

· Are you finding you lack some type of experience or education that could open up new opportunities?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, one step in the right direction may lead you to a great, new, almost recession-proof career. Even with a bachelor’s degree, it is difficult to get to the next level. Now may be the time to get your Master’s degree and consider a career in education.

There are thousands of unemployed workers with the credentials to teach and share their life experiences with students hungry to learn course materials and the wisdom of years of life experience as well.

· Baby boomers who want a meaningful career with a teacher’s schedule can find positions as substitutes or full-time teachers at every level.

· Retired corporate executives in just about any discipline can become adjunct professors at the many colleges, universities and technical colleges looking for qualified instructors.

· Consultants with training or coaching backgrounds bring their teaching styles already proven by many years working with Fortune 500 clients and speaking before large audiences.

Education is an investment, and if you are unemployed, the thought of spending thousands of dollars for the next two years is scary. It is an investment with a good probability of return—a new career that can meet your financial needs and make an impact on future generations. Education positions often come with great benefit packages, a schedule made for parents of school-age children, and blocks of time off to travel or spend with family.

At the beginning of 2011 there were approximately 77 million baby boomers, with 3.5 million reaching age 55 each year. A recent article in the Philadelphia Inquirer stated that one out of three recent college graduates are unemployed. Taking just one more step – completing your Master’s degree can give hope for employment at both ends of the age and career spectrum.

Mary Nestor-Harper, SPHR, is a consultant, blogger, motivational speaker and freelance writer for Educationjobsite.com. Based in Savannah, GA, her work has appeared in Training magazine, Training & Development magazine, Supervision, BiS Magazine and The Savannah Morning News. When she’s not writing, she enjoys singing Alto II with the Savannah Philharmonic Chorus and helping clients discover what they love and spend their life on it. You can read more of her blogs at educationjobsiteblog.com and view additional job postings on Nexxt.

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