Saving Money on Your Management Job Hunt

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Conducting a first-rate job hunt on a shoestring budget can be challenging, especially if you're searching for business management jobs. To get the job of your dreams, you must be prepared to pay certain expenses. If you use the right resources, however, you can find the perfect job without spending a lot of money.

Buy clothes on consignment: By far, the biggest expense you'll incur in your job hunt is purchasing clothing to wear to interviews. If you hope to land a great supervisory or managerial position, you must look the part, but there's no reason to spend absurd amounts of money. You can put together a great-looking outfit for only a little bit of cash by shopping at consignment shops and secondhand stores like the Goodwill store. You can also reduce your bottom line by selling clothes, shoes, and accessories you don't use anymore online or at garage sales.

Tap your social network: Chances are pretty good you know some talented people. Connect with friends and family members and ask them to help you with needed services. For example, ask a beautician friend to cut or style your hair. If you tell your friend it's for an interview, she will likely do it at a reduced rate or even for free to help you out in your job hunt. Don't forget to thank your friend after you land the job.

Seek out students: An alternative to asking your friends for help is to go to local vocational schools for services. Cosmetology and dental schools offer reduced rates for services in exchange for letting students practice their skills on you. The work is supervised by licensed professionals, which reduces the risk of something going wrong. This option is a great way to get an awesome hairstyle or have your teeth whitened so you can dazzle interviewers during your job hunt.

Use public resources: In this day and age, the Internet plays a big part in the job hunt when you're applying for business management jobs. If you don't have access to Internet services at home, you can often get online at public libraries. Other options include social agencies that help the unemployed find jobs and local coffee shops. Even select retailers like Target offer free Wi-Fi you can use to search for jobs and fill out applications. To save money on gas, use public transportation to get to your interviews. Be certain to leave early enough to get to your appointment on time.

You don't have to empty your bank account to find and secure the job you want. Preserve your financial resources by looking for alternative ways to get what you need for your job hunt.



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