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The longer someone has been involved in a job search, or the longer it has been since someone was searching, the more likely the little pointers and tips for doing certain things can be forgotten. For that reason, it is always good to have a refresher of some thing to focus on to make you stand out a bit more in your search.

Clean up your online presence: If you are using sites like Facebook and LinkedIn as a means to search for jobs, be sure to clean up your profiles and keep them as professional as possible during these times. It is very common these days for hiring agents to view these sites when considering a candidate. This goes for personal blog sites too. On sites like Facebook, having your security settings so high that no one can see your profile, will make it of little use for job searching. Tinker with the settings and selectively make things not available to public viewing. The amount of flexibility and control now available with Facebook is pretty amazing, so take advantage of it.

Highlight and Stand Out: When it comes to skills and experiences to put on your resume’, ask yourself questions like “what did I accomplish/perform that someone else may not have?” The point it to show your skills and stand out from the pack. Also, remember to customize your resume to fit the position being applied for, and avoid the cookie-cutter mass production resume mentality. Each position you apply for has different needs, and you should tweak your resume to fit more closely what they are looking for.

Keep It Under Wraps: If you are currently employed and wishing to interview with other companies, be sure to let the hiring agents know to keep things discreet. Usually they ask if they can contact your current employer – be sure to disallow this. If you get an offer, yes, it can be used to go back to your current employer and negotiate new terms; but it may also lead to you losing your current job if they do not appreciate it. Be sure you are prepared to actually take the new job before trying that technique.

Patience is the Key: After the interview, you may be tempted to follow up with emails or calls checking in on any progress. Resist this, and simply write them a simple thank you note about 48 hours after the interview, and then move on and wait patiently.

Don’t Burn Bridges: If you get a new job, do not go in to your current job and leave in a less than professional manner. No matter how much animosity you have towards them, keep it civil and professional, in order to preserve your good name and to have a trail of references on your side. Plus you never know when those same former co-workers may be reliable networking connections.

These are just a few of the things that might slip through the cracks as you are hitting the pavement looking for a new position. Share your thoughts below.


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  • Jeffrey McCormack
    Jeffrey McCormack
    Ian, there is a wealth of such information found in our interview sections, take a look for many such tips:
  • Annabella L
    Annabella L
    Great pointers and feedback.  they were all very informative.
  • Emmanuel M
    Emmanuel M
    Hi am looking for a job and I am quite  interested. l have been looking for a jobs since beginning of this year.
  • Janette C
    Janette C
    Good.  I enjoyed the pointers.
  • Ian M
    Ian M
    Please tell me what to say at a interview when they ask me what my expected salary amount is? I don"t want to low ball myself with a number and it is all crap because they know what they want to pay but they want me to guess. What professionals but company's are doing this. Thanks
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article posted by Staff Editor
article posted by Staff Editor

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