My Professor is a Radical and I want to be President

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I saw on the news a group of college students doing what looked like a line dance in a grocery store, singing a song urging people not to buy Hummus.  It was to protest Israel, and its treatment of the Palestinians. 


The students wanted to hurt Israel’s economy.  Too bad none of them noticed that the Hummus was made in Wisconsin.  This is typical because none of the students seemed to know anything actually true about the true nature of the plight of the exploited Palestinians who are kept in refugee camps in Arab countries, not in Israel for pure politics.


Yet the students had a plight of their own though they seemed to be willing dupes.  They had been radicalized by a professor with an agenda in a way that the parents who sent them to school hadn’t intended.  This is sadly too often the case where students leave home as standard American kids and end up being molded by a radical professor.


So what do you do as a student if you are caught in this web where your grades are dependent upon a teacher who expects you to spout a radical agenda, but you don’t want to sell your soul for a grade; especially if you have political aspirations?  You don’t want a paper written in college to haunt you later, especially when top level businesses will do background checks that include your college papers. Since I had such a radical teacher, I can tell you from experience. 


One, if you feel compelled to argue a point with the professor, know where you got your facts with a date to them.  My professor loved to spout off the glories of Marx with random facts, but if I had a point, (and I did, I was quite the precocious lad) he expected me to know the exact place I got any facts as an intimidation tactic.


Two, as an American, we compromise.  If I argue with you about football; for instance, to mollify a situation, I may compliment your team’s quarterback.  You then tell me how great my team’s linebackers are, and we go drink a beer.   A communist won’t do this.  When you concede a point, he or she will take it and say,” Well, you see one of my points; eventually, you’ll accept all of them.”   So give nothing.


Three, do not expect other students to support you when you speak.  They want a grade; period and many of them would put on mouse ears for a B+.  Also, college isn’t a place of freedom.  It is under hate speech rules that protect Marx, but not Hamilton, Washington or Lincoln. 


Four, when you take a test, the questions may be worded as to have you state as facts things with which you disagree with as fire is to oil in your answer.   So don’t quote them as personal opinions.  Write, “According to Marx,” or “As stated by Professor X,” or, ”As understood by socialists.”


Five, the dean is your friend.   You have power because usually a dean is not by nature a radical.  That doesn’t mean that deans like this don’t exist, but the most important people to a school are the alumni and a radical who punishes a student for a conservative opinions is bad publicity, and bad publicity is bad for a school in dealing with alumni contributions.


Dean’s hate to deal with angry alumni. As part of the job, a dean deals with alumni who are actual idiots, but that doesn’t mean that  they relish having a bad situation thrust upon them by a nutty professor that was avoidable.  Don’t be flippant in this though and run to the dean every 4 minutes.  Your teacher has rights too; it is his or her class.


Finally parents, be involved.  Ground your children.  There are fine books and videos defending faith and also the Constitution.  Make sure your children know that they may come under assault from the classroom.  If they are silly of mind; though, hopefully they are good dancers.   




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