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When I do a needs assessment with my clients concerning the communication issues within their company, I like to ask a question that always raises a few eyebrows. That question is, “What kind of books and magazines are you reading?” From their answer I begin to get an idea of what their perspective is on the communication issues they are having. When you work in a communications job, it is important from time to time to “sharpen your saw,” as Stephen Covey would say. My point is, you can’t be the best business owner, manager or employee possible, unless you are constantly working on improving your communication skills.

The people who are going to do the best in a communication career are individuals who keep themselves on a learning curve. They know that if they constantly work on themselves, they will be rewarded. As Brian Tracy, self improvement expert says, “To earn more, learn more.” When you take the responsibility to keep yourself on a learning curve, you will definitely increase your odds of earning a significantly greater income.

When you get better at communication, you are able to do a better job. For example, just recently the Seattle Times reported, “Seattle police and King County sheriff's deputies will be expected to go through training within a year on how to better use communication skills in dealing with the public. Top officials with those agencies and the Washington Criminal Justice Training Center announced the common training curriculum at a news conference in Seattle on Monday. reports the training will teach officers and deputies to use verbal tactics in some cases where physical control has typically been the main focus. The training emphasizes listening, explaining, equity and dignity. Sheriff Sue Rahr says the skills will improve police interactions with the public, help de-escalate situations and restore public trust.

Seattle Assistant Police Chief Mike Sanford says the skills would help temper situations and make police interactions more successful. Obviously they want their police and deputies to do a better job servicing the public. If you are an employee who is looking for a communications job with a law enforcement agency, a course like the one, Seattle and King County is using, would be an excellent one to add to your resume.

If you are a business owner or manager, I would recommend assessing the different types of communication programs your competitors are using for their staff, and comparing it to what programs you are using for you and your staff. This will give you a pretty good idea of how you stack up against other companies and organizations. Once you know that information, you can take the necessary action to upgrade the communication skill levels in your organization.

Tom Borg is a consultant in leadership management, team building and customer service.

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