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IBM Watson represents a huge developer platform designed to make the computing giant a player in the ever-growing mobile apps industry. This community includes more than 280 businesses and tens of thousands of individuals who range from developers, students and entrepreneurs. All of this interest draws more than 3 billion application programming interface requests per month on the platform.

IBM Watson has already transformed several industries with mobile apps created through the platform. IBM pushes developers to create cognitive apps, or pieces of software designed to mimic human thought patterns. These programs have four basic tenets, including the power to observe, interpret, evaluate and decide. To that end, some apps have already taken several industries by storm.


MusicGeek uses IBM Watson analytics to let users discover new music. The algorithm identifies musical connections, trends and keywords from publications, blogs and social media sources. The app then digests the information and provides song and artist recommendations based on what is going on in the present moment.


Polus combines natural language capabilities with the question-and-answer design of IBM Watson. This app attempts to ascertain how to solve problems regarding oil leaks and repair of oil pipeline systems. Engineers query documents based on current law and future legislation to predict what risks may occur in the future and to be prepared for any compliance issues before they actually become law.


Rev1 uses the same basic IBM Watson technology as Polus, only this app caters to the needs and inquiries of hotel guests. This app may help predict linen requirements, valet service requests and room service needs before they happen. This way, hotels can predict staffing levels and assignments to better serve hotel guests.


Talkspace connects those who need therapy or counseling with licensed therapists through a private chat suite on a computer or mobile device. This app takes IBM-based designs from online platforms to match patients to therapists using personality traits, thinking style and emotional distress levels.


GoFetchCode accesses millions of pages of documents among federal, state and local codes that shape several engineering fields. If a field agent has a question about how to deal with a new gas line dig, the necessary documents can be looked up on this handy app thanks to natural language algorithms.

CafeWell Concierge

CafeWell Concierge focuses on individual guidance to help manage a patient's overall health and well-being. This software analyzes a person's current state of health alongside interests and goals to make recommendations to improve quality of life. This kind of app matches several trends in the health care industry that revolve around wearable technology. Health care apps and devices can connect to doctors and health professionals to give real-time advice to patients when a computer's suggestions may not be enough. Several apps and devices could alert doctors and nurses when something should be done to intervene on a patient's behalf.

Patient Insights

Patient Insights digests emails, social media posts, surveys and more to gain personality insights of a patient. Then, the app reports this information to health professionals to try to increase patient retention by personalizing care and experiences.

All of these apps on IBM Watson aim to create the next generation of mobile technology. Anyone can join the fun and access this huge new community of problem solvers.

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