How do You Fit With Your Company Culture?

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Company culture has a significant impact on a business' atmosphere and daily activities. When you fit with the culture, work is often more pleasant and welcoming. For technology professionals, the process can be challenging, particularly if you are one of the few tech workers at a company.

It is not uncommon for technology professionals to be somewhat isolated from the rest of the company. Some workers spend their time behind a computer, while others split their efforts between a number of departments. Because tech workers are not always directly involved in projects and meetings, it is easy to feel like you are not part of the team. By finding ways to fit into the company culture, you can increase your visibility and develop stronger working relationships.

Participate in Events

One of the best ways to become a part of your company culture is to show up at office events. Participation is particularly important if the nature of your tech work keeps you away from other colleagues. Rather than hiding in your office during a colleague's birthday lunch, head to the break room and join in the fun. Go to holiday parties and make an effort to meet new people. If your company hosts volunteer activities, join in. Showing your face at different events transforms you from the mysterious computer person to a known quantity.


A company culture usually involves certain rituals and communication styles that tie workers together. A fun and lively culture might involve open discussions and frequent laughter. If you're not feeling integrated into the company, take time to observe the way other employees behave to learn about the culture. Do they chat about personal topics while they work, or do they keep conversations work-related? Do they eat lunches together? Observation can help you understand and emulate social cues, making it easy to fit in with your colleagues even when you don't spend a lot of time with them.

Keep Up the Pace

One of the most important aspects of a company culture is the pace of the office. If your office operates on strict deadlines, approaching your work with a lackadaisical attitude is not likely to help you fit in. Likewise, you're likely to frustrate your colleagues in a slow-paced environment by being a stickler for timeliness and speed. Computer programmers, for example, often face this situation in creative companies. In some cases, it is necessary to adjust your personal pace to fit in with the overall speed of the office.

Fitting in with company culture is an important step in job satisfaction, especially for tech workers who operate separately from the main business teams. When you understand the culture and adjust your behavior accordingly, you can build better relationships and enjoy going in to the office.


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