Google is now Hiring for a U.S. Call Center

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Do you want to work for Google? Do you live in or near Mountain View, CA? If so, I wouldn't blame you. From the great employee perks like free meals and on-site massages, the Googleplex appears to be an amazing place to work and many, many people in the tech industry agree. In fact, just getting the chance to interview with Google is an accomplishment.

But, what if you aren't the next tech genius? How can you get a job with Google? Don't worry, even if you aren't skilled at writing code, there's now a new way to get a great job with Google. According to a recent article at Fast Company, the search giant has begun placing ads for staff at their new call center, designed to provided customer support for the new Nexus devices.

Although Google isn't handling the staffing themselves, in a email from Randstaffing, leaked by the people at, an un-named client, who recently had a new Android release and is located in Mountain View, CA is looking for Android fans and Google aficionados to provide help-desk customer assistance. According to the ad, they are trying to find people who have at least one year of customer service experience and who are comfortable handling customer concerns via the phone or email.

Aside from the part about working for Google, the job duties and requirements seem to be fairly standard for a customer service/call center job. Although the pay is listed as $19/hour, (which works out to be $39,500 for 40 hrs/wk) that isn't much in Mountain View. The job is listed as a 6-month, temp-to-perm position, but it's likely that Google will want to keep many of their new employees after the 6 months are up. After all, they aren't planning on abandoning their Nexus products any time soon.

It's nice to see a large corporation setting up their call center here in the United States. After all, Google has plenty of money, it would have been a simple matter to contract their customer service overseas like many other companies have done. Instead, they've opted to create jobs here and provide the very best service for their customers as well. It's certainly commendable and is sets Google apart from other tech companies that rely on low cost foreign labor. (Yes, I'm looking at you, Apple.)

The job openings will be filled fast, and I wouldn't be surprised if the new call center isn't fully staffed by the end of the month. If you've always wanted to work for Google and live in the Mountain View, CA area, this might be your big chance!

Would you work in Google's call center? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks, Te'Karra. So would I, but I don't live anywhere near one, so I guess I'll keep wishing!
  • Te'Karra S
    Te'Karra S
    I would love to work for Google call center
  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks for the great comments. I would love to work for Google too, but it isn't worth relocating to Mountain View for. Still, it's interesting to think about. I'm glad that you all agree.
  • Michelle Murry
    Michelle Murry
    I would love to embrace this opportunity,its a great opportunity for a future with a great company that has room for great advancements. This would be a great new start for me allowing me to grow personally and professionally.
  • Lamar Lawshe
    Lamar Lawshe
    Really wish I knew how to apply!!
  • Sharon Turner
    Sharon Turner
    It would be a plus  too work for a company such as Google, the benefits, the learning from a Fortune 500 employer that from all the research of this company treat their employees as individuals and displays loyalty to their workers.  Would not mind relocating just to work for this type of compan
  • Jennifer Isaac
    Jennifer Isaac
    I think working for google, as call center representative was be great. I have call center  envrironment and help desk experience for troubleshooting mobile devices, software and hardware  technonlogy issues.  But I live in Long Island New York area. I would embrace the opportunity.
  • Bryant S
    Bryant S
    Althought I live in Pittsburgh, PA I still believe that working any position for Google such as in the "call center" would have  to be awsome and very rewarding. I would consider it to be a place that anyone would say I have a job I enjoy going to work at everyday.I can only hope that one day this will come true.  
  • Kathy T
    Kathy T
    I think it is fantastic that google is hiring in Mountain View, CA and wish they were hiring in the Illinois area in a call center environment.Best of Luck,Kathy
  • Loyce m
    Loyce m
    Seems to me this job is challenging, and who does not want this opportunity, it is so great to read about job openings with a big corporation like Google. Would embrace the chance.
  • Brenda B
    Brenda B
    If I were already living in or around Mountain View, CA, and had transportation to and from the campus I'd consider the position. While Google may not be "going away" any time soon, technology call centers have a limited life cycle, and I expect at least half of the "temp-to-perm" hires will not be offered a full-time job, and the other half will be filtered down to a bare handful over the next three to five years. The potential for job security isn't sufficient to consider relocation.
  • Ivan Rivera
    Ivan Rivera
    If given the great opportunity, I'd like to work for google. It's a huge and successful company, It would be something completely different from everything else I've done, it would be a great accomplishment for me personally. I would learn more of the company, expand my horizons, more importantly, expand my mind. It would also better my life for me and my family of two. Living in miami, florida is really hard nowadays. I hope I can be given an opportunity.

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