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Despite a drop in earnings, Amazon is launching into yet another market to grab its share of customers and revenue. A New York Times article, “Amazon Delivers Hiring Boom,” reports that Amazon is launching a hiring effort to beef up its fulfillment centers and customer service. It will be hiring 5,000 full-time employees to handle the increased volume at the fulfillment center and 2,000 customer service jobs. Good news for the economy and those looking for a customer service job with a growing company.

It’s also good news for the 5,000 people who land those new jobs, which promise to pay 30 percent higher than traditional retail jobs. Amazon will also offer stock grants to full-time employees. In addition, it is offering to pay up to 95 percent of tuition to eligible employees, even if the courses are not directly related to their jobs or even Amazon’s business. Amazon’s investment in employees is sure to be a huge recruiting edge to find and retain the very best.

Amazon’s news is so big that President Obama visited the fulfillment center in Chattanooga, Tenn., to put the spotlight on job growth. When one of the Internet giants creates 7,000 jobs, it’s big news. It also gives hope and a chance for a brighter future with a job and a career with a growing company.

With so much business being done over the Internet, logistics, warehousing, shipping and customer service jobs are going to grow. It’s one thing to research a product on the Internet and make a purchase. The merchandise has to physically get to the customer. Large retailers have to have warehouses or fulfillment centers to process orders, pick merchandise, pack and ship the merchandise. They need customer service professionals to answer questions, handle product quality or service problems, and be goodwill ambassadors for the company. 

Amazon is just one company expanding their customer service and warehousing centers. As more commerce goes to the Internet, other companies will do the same. This means opportunity for those who have their sites on a career in customer service, industrial engineering, logistics, retail or technology. Some analysts are predicting a growth in customer service jobs due to the complexities of Obamacare, so things are looking up for customer service opportunities. Retail companies are also gearing up for the upcoming holiday season, so keep your eyes open for seasonal opportunities.

In a company whose business is selling and shipping goods to the world, an entry-level job with Amazon can be a first step to a promising career. A full-time job with a good rate of pay, stock grants for the future and educational benefits to gain the skills it takes to move up is a golden opportunity for success. The perception of entry-level service jobs is changing, as employers recognize the value of these key employees to the health and growth of the business. 

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