armin Ups the Game With a Built-in Dashcam

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As the star member of the nüvi family of GPS units, the Garmin nüviCam LMTHD is much more than a simple navigation device. From its user-friendly touch interface to the industry's first integrated dashcam, the nüviCam takes portable navigation to a higher level.

Intuitive Touch Screen Interface

With a vivid 6-inch display screen, the nüviCam features the same user-friendly touch menu that powers other members of the nüvi family. Pinch-to-zoom technology makes it easy to see an overview of your route or to get a close-up look at your destination.

Innovative Driver-Assist Features

Setting itself apart from smartphone GPS apps, this navigation device integrates advanced safety features typically only available in high-end cars. Audible and visible warnings alert you to potential forward collisions, and they let you know if you drift outside of your lane. This feature minimizes lane-change accidents, and helps prevent accidents that occur when drivers fall asleep behind the wheel. Active Lane Guidance simplifies unfamiliar or complex exits by visually guiding you in the right direction.

Hands-Free Technology for Added Safety

The nüviCam is all about safety. A split-screen navigation display provides a traditional GPS map view alongside Garmin's Real Vision display. A bright arrow highlights exits and destinations within a camera-view image to minimize confusion and missed turns. With voice-activated navigation, your attention stays on driving. Connect your Android or iPhone smartphone with the free Smartphone Link app to enjoy hands-free Bluetooth calling.

First Built-In Dash Cam

Known for creating innovative and reliable portable navigation devices, Garmin really raises the stakes with the introduction of the nüviCam. It is the first satellite navigation device to feature an integrated dash camera. Whenever the unit is on, the camera continuously records the view from its position. In the event of an accident, the footage is automatically saved to the included microSD card. Along with video immediately before and after the detected impact, the device also saves the GPS location and the speed of the car at the time of the incident.

Additional Features

The built-in dashcam also captures still shots, eliminating the need to fumble for your phone when a photo opportunity arises. You can also add a wireless backup camera to the system for all-around safety. Drivers who connect their phones with the Garmin app enjoy additional features including live weather radar. The navigation device debuts in May 2015 with a $399.99 price tag and includes free map updates and traffic data.

With premium safety features and innovative technology, the Garmin nüviCam breathes new life into standalone GPS units. It is not designed to replace your smartphone. Instead, this navigation device integrates with your phone and your automobile to provide the securest possible experience every time you drive.

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