Are Tablets With Keyboards Good Options for Small Business?

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The idea of ditching their laptops for lighter, more portable tablets has crossed the mind of many small business owners. In fact, many business owners have purchased tablets with keyboards because they provide more flexibility. However, before you succumb to the latest technology trend, you need to ensure that purchasing tablets for your business will be worth the added expense.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of software you use each day. This will determine the type of tablet that you should consider. According to, Microsoft Office’s collaboration tools have been on the market for a year. However, the company is still struggling with the mobile versions designed for tablets that run using Android or iOS operating systems. And, it’s not just Microsoft that has compatibility issues. It’s not easy to develop software that performs well over three different platforms. So, if you use specific software that doesn’t run online, you may be better off sticking with your laptop.

For small business owners who are always on the go, tablets with keyboards are easier to transport. You can also opt to purchase a tablet with removable keyboard to make it even more portable. This is a good option for people who own creative small businesses, like photographers, because you can use the tablet in tablet mode when you’re working with a creativity app and attach the keyboard to type a document or send an email. Keep in mind that if you purchase a tablet with removable keyboard you’ll need a place to store and carry the keyboard when it’s not in use.

Another thing you should consider before you purchase tablets with keyboards for your business is the amount of time you spend typing each day. Tablets with keyboards are convenient, but most of the keyboards designed for tablets are smaller than standard keyboards, which make them difficult for some people to type on for extended periods. The same consideration should apply to the screen size. If you’re used to a 15-inch laptop, transitioning to a 10-inch tablet is going to be a drastic change. It may take some time for your eyes to adjust to the difference, and it’s possible that the additional eye strain can cause you to have headaches if you’re using the tablet for protracted sessions.

The fact is, both tablets and laptops have pros and cons. Powerful tablets can complete many tasks that small business owners need to accomplish. However, even though tablet technology is moving in the right direction, it hasn’t quite reached a point where small business owners who use their laptops for lengthy periods each day can complete all the work they need to do from a tablet. Ultimately, if you want to purchase tablets with keyboards for your company it may not be a bad idea, but you may not want to ditch your laptops yet.


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