You Could be Losing Employees by Making These Mistakes

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When companies lose employees, they also lose invaluable job knowledge and all the money and other resources that went into recruiting and training that worker. Employees leave for various reasons, but to avoid high turnover rates, it's important for organizations to discover common mistakes that cause them to lose employees.

You're Not Meeting the Job Description

You're likely to lose employees if they start a new job and find out it's not at all what they expected. Discuss the workload and work hours with the prospective candidate before you make a job offer, and ensure the job description accurately represents the responsibilities and duties of the position. When changes are inevitable, discuss them openly and honestly with your workers.

You're Not Offering Feedback

Your employees don't want to feel like they're alone with their work. Meeting regularly to give your employees feedback on their progress helps to build relationships and enhances employees' career development. Provide your workers with the necessary feedback to ensure they're doing their duties correctly, or pair new employees with a more experienced mentor to get them through the first few months.

You're Not Providing Adequate Technology

You may lose employees if you don't provide the necessary tools they need to do their jobs. Without the proper technology, employees feel undue pressure to complete heavy workloads and burn out quickly. Make sure employees have all the information they need to do their jobs, the appropriate systems to handle the work and the tech support necessary to provide help.

You're Not Recognizing Employees

Employees want to feel the work they do is appreciated, and money isn't always what they want. Some workers are motivated by titles and increased job responsibilities, while others just want to be recognized publicly. Make sure your employees feel valued by rewarding their significant achievements.

You're Not Communicating With Your Workers

Your employees don't just want feedback from you; they also want to be heard. Keep your door open so workers can come to you when they need advice on a project or have an issue with their job duties. Have weekly staff meetings or monthly one-on-one sessions with your employees to keep abreast of their current workloads.

You're Not Allowing Employees Room for Growth

Your workers want to know they have room to move up within the organization, and employees who are able to work to their full potential enjoy greater job satisfaction. Talk to your workers about their plans for career development, and make training available to help them improve upon their knowledge and skills.

If your organization is guilty of any these common mistakes that cause the company to lose employees, make the changes necessary to retain quality workers. When you lose employees, the organization suffers and misses out on important resources.

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