What is Your Sale's Personality?

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As a sales representative, you know that each customer boasts very different buying needs and personality traits. Your sales personality matters when you are determining an approach to finalize the sale and satisfy the customer.

Just as customers vary with their wants and needs, a diverse and talented group of sales representatives contains different approaches and personalities. You must diversify your skill set to embody the mission and goals of the company, but it is also important to stay true to yourself by identifying your sales personality.


You may be known as the shark of the team if you have an aggressive approach when hunting down a sale. The shark is efficient and fast when a potential sale is on the horizon. The shark is also the team member who is obsessively monitoring sales metrics to stay on top of the competitive edge. As a shark, you likely find yourself at the top of the chart. However, an approach that is too aggressive may hinder your ability to listen intently to what the customer wants.


A representative with a sales personality known as the dog thrives on knowing clients are satisfied. You may be a loyal creature that craves positive feedback from co-workers and superiors. Customers love this type of sales person, and when working straight from the sales playbook, the dog is often a valuable employee who gains repeat business. The dog, though, is often too eager to please the customer and may lose sight of high-dollar solutions that are more beneficial for the company.


Every sales team needs a resident expert, known as the owl. The owl has the industry insight and extensive knowledge about products, services and the company itself. The owl's sales personality thrives on recognition for industry knowledge and opportunities and responsibilities that put this expertise on display. Even though the owl is an asset to the team, he is not necessarily a strong leader or as driven as the shark.


Your sales personality may model the elephant if you are self-sufficient, highly intelligent regarding the products and services, and possess a herd mentality. The elephant works to protect the sales team and take actions that benefit the entire group. Elephants also make strong leaders or assistants to supervisors because they are driven by career advancement. Since elephants are constantly moving forward, they may experience frustration when policies or metrics change, especially if a clear sales plan or strategy is not outlined or established.

People who identify their sales personality have a better understanding of how to effectively meet sales goals and deadlines. Recognize the strengths and personalities of team members, too, to cohesively advance the team and the company as a whole.

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  • Diane Wipf
    Diane Wipf

    Also helpful to learn about the other personality types and therefore figure how my personality may come across to someone else with a different personality.

  • Diane Wipf
    Diane Wipf

    Helpful to hear that swimming with the Sharks isn't always effective if you're not listening to the prospect!

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