Try Webcam Video Selfies to Humanize Your Prospecting

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Huge advancements in digital technology have made reaching out to prospects easier than ever, but amid the traffic of cyberspace, the business-client relationship has lost that personal touch. One way to humanize the digital prospecting process is to use webcam videos of yourself, helping potential customers put a face to your name. Implement webcam videos the right way, and see response rates skyrocket.

Why Webcam Selfie Videos?

Most prospective customers check their email accounts on a regular basis, but email marketing has become so overused in the sales sector that people end up slogging through hundreds of emails a day. Standing out among dozens of other emails like yours is tough, and the traditional text-based email is no longer the most effective sales tool. Prospective customers respond to personal emails that have a human touch, steering farther from automated messages that input recipients' names in the subject line just to seem personal. Recording yourself in a personalized webcam video is a surefire way to humanize a message and stand out among the subject lines.

Making Webcam Videos That Work

Webcam selfie videos, when done correctly, create the sensation that you're speaking to prospects directly. Before recording, make note of important points, but avoid using a script to create a more genuine, natural video. Find a place with adequate lighting, and use a headset microphone for better sound.

Keep webcam videos to around 45 seconds and no longer than 90 seconds. According to Salesforce, only 37 percent of viewers keep watching after 90 seconds, meaning long videos are a waste of your time and theirs. Start your video with a personal greeting to capture and keep the viewer's attention. When choosing a thumbnail, opt for one that shows your face clearly, and consider writing the prospect's name on paper or whiteboard to encourage him to click Play.

Other Personal Video Options

In addition to selfie videos, you can also send prospects current sales and marketing videos from your company. Consider this method after you've already made initial contact to avoid overwhelming your recipient. To add that human touch, create a personal webcam video intro that explains why you chose to share the material.

You can also use screen capture videos alongside or in place of webcam videos, depending on your goals. For instance, use a screen capture video of you browsing the prospect's website while explaining which parts of it captured your attention. With any kind of video message, keep in mind that recording response rate is essential to determining which sales tool best fits your company's needs.

Webcam selfie videos offer an easy, effective way to reach out to prospects and keep the human element of sales alive. With the right webcam techniques, as well as other personal video options, webcam videos can become an indispensable piece of your digital prospecting arsenal.

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