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You recently graduated and finally landed a sales job. Your experience thus far has been summer and part time jobs on the retail sales floor. Now you’re in the big leagues, with players who sell tens maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars of product per month. You have a quota, but the competition to exceed perfunctory quotas is fierce. You need to at least hold you own and gain the respect of your peers. And you’re under the watchful eye of your boss. What to do? Add some powerful sales tools to leverage your capabilities. Which tools? Some suggestions:

Remote Demos. Clients don’t have the patients to wait for brochures anymore. And describing something over the phone by waving you hands and getting excited won’t get the job done. Using screen-sharing programs to remote demo your product or service is the only way to go. Clients want to see what you’re describing on the phone. Interest goes up dramatically the more dynamic the demo. So sign up for and familiarize yourself with GoToMeeting or iMeet, to get some powerful screen sharing programs.

CRM. Still using Post-It-Notes? These programs are invaluable in helping you organize leads and other crucial sales data. Familiarize yourself with the CRM tools offered by Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Salesforce offers a product called Sales Cloud, which connects the next generation of apps, devices, and customers. It provides an instant connection to leads, contacts, accounts, and critical business information. These can dramatically boost your productivity and sales. Check out the mobility features of Microsoft Dynamics in their CRM video.

Email Templates. These nifty templates take the work out of emails. Connecting with your leads is faster and more efficient. Check out Act-On and Marketo. And start using them. Check out Act-One’s features/tutorial, which shows what you can do beyond basic email editing. 

Automated Proposals. Writing proposals takes valuable time away form other income-producing sales activities. For newbies, generating proposals can be a tedious ball-and-chain process. To boost your sales productivity and create a professional looking proposal, consider going to firms like Qvidian for faster proposal generation.

E-signatures. In today’s faced-paced, fiercely competitive business world, you can’t afford to waste time sending documents to your prospects and waiting for them to come back to you (or heaven forbid, get lost in the process). Using e-signatures or electronic contracts lets you get instant approval. Check out Docusign or Sertifi to get on board with e-signatures.

PowerDialers/Click to call. These tech-smart communication solutions save time and energy, ensuring you place calls to the “deciders” when they’re ready to receive your calls. Check out’s Power Dialer for one-click voice messaging, email, fax, inbound, and lead nurturing. Its interface takes lists of names directly from your Salesforce CRM and plugs them in, eliminating time-consuming manual dialing. Google ads explains its Click-to-Call feature in this video.

New to the big leagues?  Acquire, learn and become more effective with today’s high efficiency sales tools. 


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