Overcoming Skeptics

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Everyone has different objections to a sales pitch. If you meet potential clients or customers armed with the proper informational tools to overcome those objections, your job could be a lot easier. In fact, keeping their attention from start to finish is imperative in making the deal. If you’re serious about gaining favor with those you’re selling to, learn how to navigate your way around almost any objection they have.

Avoid the word “pitch” at all costs. Potential clients and customers already know that you’re going to present them with sales jargon and make your product or service look the best it can. Just say that you would like a few minutes of their time.

When creating your spiel, try to avoid making it sound as if you’re reading from a script. Business owners are perceptive people who can spot a salesperson from a mile away, so personalize your message to connect with them on a deeper level. Doing so requires that you do a little studying before the meeting to learn more about the business and the person you’re meeting with.

Keep in mind that your potential clients are dealing with numerous salespeople, and some of them are likely trying to sell them the same product or service that you are. It’s important to present your ideas and products to them in a manner in which they can tell that you’re better than the rest.

A good way to stand out among those in the same industry is to anticipate this objection ahead of time. Don’t make it a point to actually say that you’re better. Instead, make that apparent through the language you use. This also takes some research on your part. Find out what the competition is offering, and offer something better. Find out their price, and offer a better one.

When it comes to overcoming objections to price, consider that some of your prospects may not have had any sales pitches yet. Design a chart that demonstrates price comparisons, and pull it out when potential clients ask about prices.

The majority of the time, potential clients object to your sales efforts because they are not feeling comfortable with their own finances. Use this objection to explain what your financing options are, if any. As you become more seasoned, you can recognize when someone is just not interested in your product or service; however, if he is truly interested, bring out every financing option you’ve got to close the deal.

Understanding that people and businesses experience sales fatigue in their everyday activities is perhaps the biggest hurdle in overcoming objections. As you go on about your career, keep a list of these objections, especially the obscure ones, and create ways to combat them so that you when you meet potential clients and customers, you can sell anything to anybody.

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