Long-Running Cyber Attacks Become the Norm

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As more and more companies deal with the aftermath of major data breaches, it is apparent that company cyber attacks are a very real possibility for both small businesses and large corporations. Customer confidentiality is essential for the safety of consumers' identities, a company's reputation and ability to establish customer trust. Safeguard your business and your company from network risks with knowledge that engenders security.

Company cyber attacks represent a real problem for companies with insecure data defense strategies. Intruders and hackers can easily drop malware on targeted systems and gain access to corporate networks and customer login credentials if proper protection is not in place. Recent data breaches point to a troubling lack of security controls that are designed to monitor questionable behavior on internal networks and spot data that is being exfiltrated. A company that is not prepared for the most creative and advanced cyber attack risks losing the trust of customers, potential lawsuits and significant financial loss as a result.

Maintaining customer confidentiality online and in the office is crucial. Train employees to guard visible information displayed on computer screens that may reveal customers' personal information and to lock computers when leaving work areas. Implement complex passwords with numbers, letters and special characters for confidential information, and require your employees to change passwords frequently.

Establish higher security protocols within the office to prevent company cyber attacks. Limit the number of employees who have access to confidential customer information, designate a compliance officer to assess cyber security and office security procedures, and prepare protocols for disseminating customer information. Train employees to seek permission from higher authorities to release customer contact information, and avoid sending financial or personal data through electronic transmissions. Hold employees accountable for data security by creating a contract or confidentiality agreement with procedures for processing client data.

The increase in company cyber attacks should prompt businesses to focus more on network security. Every organization is vulnerable to company cyber attacks, so powerful firewalls should be installed to block security threats, conceal computer data and protect client information. Hire auditors or consultants to evaluate current security processes and provide suggestions for improved safety measures within the workplace. The reality is that hackers can attack at any time without warning, putting confidential data at risk. Prepare for the worst to ensure the worst doesn't happen.

Your company's reputation is on the line when security is not a clear focus. Customers need to be able to trust that their personal data is secure and free from the risk of company cyber attacks. Protect your assets, your customers and your organization's future with advanced security. Putting off this crucial practice could put your company and your customers at risk.


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