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From shopping to fitness tracking, consumers are constantly on the lookout for the latest gadget that promises increased convenience and control. Many of the most exciting devices connect to users' smartphones, enabling real-time monitoring. With the latest technology developments, it seems that digital integration is here to stay.

Amazon Dash Button

With its new Dash Button, Amazon is attempting to streamline the ordering process. When a customer pushes the button, the action triggers an automatic resupply order through Amazon Prime — without the need to log in or enter credit card details. To prevent accidental orders, the button then goes inactive until the product arrives. The Wi-Fi enabled buttons can be configured online in advance and mounted in key locations around the house. Each button is tied to a specific brand or product; as of April 2015, brands include Huggies, Tide and Bounty. Amazon's latest gadget is designed to help customers order quickly and painlessly, before they run out of common products.

Smart Pacifier

The Pacif-i, which made a splash at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, is the latest gadget for worried parents. Equipped with a delicate sensor, the pacifier records a baby's temperature and sends reports via Bluetooth to the corresponding app. The app also enables parents to enter medications and create alerts for future dosages. In the case of an illness, parents can use the app to share their baby's data with a doctor via email. To reduce the chance of loss, the pacifier has a built-in buzzer that can be activated through the smartphone app. As of April 2015, the Pacif-i is still in pre-order status.

Charging Backpacks

For travelers and professionals on the go, battery charging can be a challenge. The latest gadget from Ampl, the SmartBackpack, comes with a built-in battery that charges a phone or tablet. Each of the backpack's pockets features a USB port; users who want to charge a laptop must install a high-powered expansion pack. The backpack's built-in sensors monitor the internal air to prevent damage to valuable electronics, and a monitor helps users track the battery level.

Solar-Powered Fitness Trackers

Recent technology developments have transformed wearable fitness trackers into indispensable health accessories, but charging can leave holes in the data. With its latest gadget, the Swarovski Shine, Misfit aims to enable 24-hour tracking. The violet Shine collects solar energy any time the device is exposed to light, eliminating the need for charging. Users can switch the crystal-shaped Shine between trendy wristbands and pendant. The Shine holders resemble jewelry, so customers can continue their fitness tracking at work and formal events.

The latest gadget releases point to a continuing desire to bring technology into every aspect of daily life. Thanks to smarter, smaller systems, consumers can integrate new devices without disrupting their established patterns.

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