How to Use a To Do List to Find Your Communication Job

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Often I will tell the CEOs and individuals that I coach, “If you can put on paper what you want to accomplish each day, it is half done.” In other words, by making a plan that you will follow, you are creating a structure that will allow you to do what you want and need to do. On the other hand, one of the easiest ways to fail at the task of finding your new communications job is to not follow this bit of advice.

People have good intentions, but their bad habits sabotage their efforts to break out of the mold they have put themselves into, and as a result they remain frustrated and defeated. One of the best ways to overcome this self sabotage is to create a new approach that makes it easy for you to reach the goals you want to achieve.

One of the many ways to do this is to create a daily “target list.” A target list contains the things you have identified, that when completed, will allow you to get closer to your goal of being hired in the communications job that is perfect for you.

The first thing you must do is to create a format for recording your target list. You can use your laptop or Iphone to create a virtual copy or print of a hard copy. An easy way to do this is to create a blank document and number it 1 to 6. The night before, or each morning before you start your day, fill it out by entering six actions you can take that will move you closer to your goal of your communications job. Once complete, you can review it from time to time each day.

Some of the actions you can take could include:

1. Visit several career search sites and identify key companies for whom you want to work.

2. Research two new companies and create a file on them.

3. Apply for two new positions with customized resumes.

4. Conduct one informational interview.

5. Spend one hour on Linkedin and participate in the different group discussions of which you are a member.

6. Read and review one good book on job hunting.

These are just a few suggestions. You could come up with many more. The things you do each day would vary, depending on what your specific objectives were for the week. At the end of the day, score yourself on the number of action items on your target list you were able to complete.

Give yourself ten points for each action item completed. Your goal should be to score 250 to 300 points per week.

The main thing to remember is to have and consistently work your strategy. If you can do this, you will succeed, I guarantee it.

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