How to Use Visualization to Create Your Next Job - Part II

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In my last article I discussed how you already use a form of visualization whenever you worry about something. I also mentioned that the first step to using visualization to get your next construction job was to write it out in the form of a goal and to post it in various places where you would see it on a regular basis.

Now comes the fun part. Gerald Epstein, MD gives us a formula for using this goal as part of a visualization process. Here is how it works. When you see the written copy of your goal, follow these four steps:

Say it
See it
Feel it
Sense it

The first step, “say it,” means you should say it out loud. When you actually speak the words you are helping your mind hear it.

The second step, “see it” means you should use your imagination to see yourself in the new job. You could imagine seeing the building you are walking into, the faces of the people with whom you work, your office or workspace.

The next step, “feel it,” means you should use your mind to imagine what you would actually feel as you find yourself in this new job. Maybe you would feel the security of being part of an organization and knowing you will be well paid on a regular basis. You could feel the appreciation you would have for the use of your talents in a job you really like.

The last step, “sense it,” means you use the rest of your senses to experience the new job. What do you hear as you work in your new office? Maybe it is the sound of your phone ringing and the voice on the other end asking you some questions. It could be the voices of the people you see that greet you in the conference room just before your departmental meeting. Another sense you could use is your nose. Maybe you smell the scent of wood as you arrive at the construction site or smell of diesel fuel from some earthmoving equipment. Use whatever works for you, that allows you to sense the experience of working in your new job.

The premise behind the success of using visualization is that it helps to program your mind like a tracking device that subconsciously guides you to do the things that will make your goal a reality.

The key to visualization is to do it on a regular basis. If you can only do it for short bursts or for longer periods of time, the main thing is to do it.

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