How to Stay on Top of Emerging Technology

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These days it's important to stay on top of what's emerging digitally, and tech blogs, print publications and broadcast media are just a few ways to do it. The Internet is filled with options, and sometimes it feels like a never-ending task to be in the game, let alone stay ahead of it. Here are four tips on how you can stay on top of the emerging technology today.

Being on top of technology helps you in many situations, including dinner parties, small talk and the all-important job interview. In order to ask and answer the pertinent questions in an interview, you can use technology to research and prepare. And you just never know when your knowledge may be put to the test. Here are some tips that may help you out.

Read Online Magazines, Tech Blogs, Print Publications and Broadcast Blogs

If you have an office job, you most likely have some time to browse the Internet while you’re waiting for a conference to start or are on your coffee break. Take five minutes to browse tech blogs, print material and websites of technology magazines. If none of the headlines tickle your curiosity, move on. Check out sites such as Wired, PCWorld or MacWorld. If none of these strike your fancy, do a Google search and see what magazines, tech blogs or print newsletters suit your needs best. Even some TV and radio networks have regular technology programs with accompanying web pages.

Check out Tech Blogs

Not all information comes from print magazines. Many technology writers live on tech blogs. Sites such as Mashable, Gizmodo, TechCrunch, GigaOM with tech blogs can be your best friends, if you're looking for fun technology sites that capture your interest and educate you on the topic.

Subscribe to Newsletters

If your workday keeps you too busy to check out websites, subscribe to newsletters. Usually, the frequency is customizable. Some believe that email newsletters are dying, but the truth is newsletters are great for giving an overview of what has happened over the past couple of days or hours by sending you the headlines of articles that you can read on your own time. If a headline seems striking, you can read the entire article then and there.

Go Social

If you find yourself browsing Facebook, Twitter or other social media during the day, find good tech blogs or print magazines on social media and follow them. This allows you to keep informed, even casually, on what is happening in the world of technology. If you're an avid user, you don't have to do anything out of your routine, you just have to subscribe to the information sources you need.

There are many ways to stay on top of emerging technology, including following tech blogs, print publications and broadcast media. If you use the Internet, there are some easy tricks for information to come to you. If you prefer to read on paper, simply subscribe to one of the print publications covering all things tech.


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article posted by Staff Editor
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