How Does Your Company Deal With Insider Data Threats?

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Insider data theft is a real risk for most businesses. With technology permeating every level of organizational structure, there are many places where data can be leaked, and reducing security threats should be an important component of your technology department. Use the following suggestions to create a multifaceted solution to keep important data safe at your company.

Add Security-Oriented Training

Not all data theft is due to malicious intent. Often, leaks simply result from employee carelessness. Ensure that every employee in your organization has adequate training to know how to keep confidential data safe and recognize why it is important. Require frequent refresher sessions, and add modules for employees with access to your most sensitive data.

Take a Look at Your Company Policies

Bring-your-own-device policies are convenient for employees but greatly increase the risk of data theft. Likewise, cloud computing can increase your vulnerability. Carefully examine your company's policies for weak spots that could potentially lead to a misuse of information. You may want to limit the use of outside devices to personnel with less access to secure data and require extra security checks for those using the cloud.

Keep Security Systems Up to Date

Security protocols that work today are unlikely to be adequate next year, and they may not be sufficient next week. Invest in security programs that install automatically and update regularly. The best programs reboot with each new connected device and add extra layers of security for those using the cloud or emerging technologies. Programs that automatically install and update with each additional connected device are the most secure, making sure that all emerging technologies are protected by the latest security methods. Stay informed by regularly reading industry news so you are knowledgeable about new methods of data theft and new security approaches to thwart them.

Consider Employee Monitoring

Programs are available to monitor the actions of employees who have access to sensitive files. These programs can monitor everything from key strokes to mouse movements to keep an eye on your personnel and reduce security threats. When suspicious activity is suspected, the monitoring program shuts down the employee's access until you are able to assess the situation.

Although this type of software might seem like the ultimate solution to data theft, it is important that your employees still feel comfortable and have a sense of privacy in their work. For best practice, let employees know when they are being monitored and why, and limit monitoring to those areas that involve sensitive data. Employees who understand the very really risk of data theft and how it could affect your company are more likely to be comfortable losing some of their privacy.

Get Professional Help

If you suspect insider data theft, hire a professional company to oversee the investigation. Professional security firms have the training necessary to ensure any investigation goes smoothly while also protecting your company as best as possible from adverse consequences related to the situation.

Decreasing the risk of insider data theft requires continual vigilance. For best results, add periodic security checks to your schedule. Keep an eye on your policies, monitor personnel where necessary, and provide regular training at every level. Steady oversight is the best way to ensure the safety of sensitive information.

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