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Mobile applications make it easier to identify good job opportunities and submit your application materials, but a mobile job search should not replace your use of desktop resources. Using mobile devices makes it possible to search for employment while you are on the go, but you may be more comfortable sitting at your desk for extended periods. If you plan to use both types of tools for your online job search,coordinate your efforts to avoid applying for the same job twice or sending your resume to the wrong employer.

Keep track of your efforts with Google Drive or a similar tool. When you store documents or spreadsheets in your Google Drive account, you will be able to access them from any computer or Android device. Create a spreadsheet with columns for the job title, potential employer, and date you submitted your application. Update this spreadsheet every time you apply for a new management job. If you want to conduct a mobile job search, look at the spreadsheet before responding to any job postings. Doing so will prevent you from accidentally applying for the same position more than once.

If you plan to apply for several different types of jobs, prepare several versions of your resume. Your employment history will be the same, but you will emphasize different areas of expertise for each position. If you are applying for a management job in the financial industry, for example, you might put more emphasis on your experience working with budgets and creating financial reports. If you are doing a mobile job search in addition to your desktop search, come up with descriptive titles for each resume so you do not send the wrong one to a potential employer. Use Evernote or a similar application to keep track of these file names on your tablet or smartphone.

Social media tools will also enhance your mobile job search, so create a LinkedIn profile before you look for a new job. If you communicate with a potential employer via LinkedIn, make a note of it in a Google Drive document or create a note in Evernote. This helps you remember important conversations so you can follow up on them promptly. If you download social media apps to help with your mobile job search, use the same login information as you would on your desktop computer. Creating a second account for each networking site will make it more difficult to keep track of your applications.

Using mobile applications to search for a job will make the process easier, but don't be too quick to stop using your desktop. Using Google Drive and Evernote will help you track the results of your online job search and avoid making errors that hurt your credibility with potential employers. Coordinating your mobile job search with your desktop job search will also save you a lot of time and frustration as you search for employment.


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