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Your smartphone certainly enhances your productivity and connectivity in ways that few other inventions have ever done in history. But if you had to get more specific and choose a few mobile apps that have really made a difference in your lifestyle, personal productivity and overall sense of benefit, which ones would you choose? Here are some of the best apps to keep you focused, engaged and excited about what your life has to offer.


This mobile app is included for free with every iPhone. With it, you never need to scramble for a pen and paper when you have a brilliant insight or want to keep track of an address. Even if inspiration strikes when you're at a party, you can jot down your flash of inspiration without insulting those you're with, as you would if you excused yourself to find an actual notepad. Jot down song lyrics, gift ideas, to-do lists and cute things your kids say, all with no need for equipment other than your already handy smartphone.


The iPhone mobile app Tempo acts as your virtual personal assistant by linking your emails to your schedule. For instance, it makes your life easy by attaching all the emails about an upcoming meeting to your schedule's notation of the meeting itself. You don't have to worry about forgetting the names of the people in the meeting or wondering what documents you need.

My Fitness Pal

As one of the premier mobile apps to help you track your workouts and caloric intake, My Fitness Pal works intuitively to help you track your food choices and acts as your private coach to keep you motivated regarding your exercise schedule. It also provides plenty of valuable information regarding nutrition to help keep you motivated.


This mobile app handles more than just scheduling. It also tracks your habits to make you aware of your pockets of free time so that you can better schedule all the things you want to do to enrich your life, but which you seem never to be able to fit onto the calendar.


Another mobile app that comes with any iOS device, iBooks opens up the world to you wherever you are by always giving you something to read. You don't have to schlep heavy messenger bags or backpacks of books around just to have something to read on the subway or during your lunch break. Instead, iBooks lets you use the unexpected free minutes of your day to do something truly enriching and refreshing.

The best apps are the ones you find yourself using without thinking. These valuable mobile apps are all designed to simplify your life or to make it possible for you to do the things you really want to do. Take advantage of the best that modern technology offers to find more time, boost your health and enjoy every moment of the day.

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