5 Steps to Follow for 2015 Sales Planning

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The art of sales planning can be a complex action for any business owner, but using a simple system can help. Take into consideration a number of factors to determine if sales plans fail or prove successful. To achieve the highest rate of success, design sales plans for 2015 that generate profit, reduce waste and lead your company to achieve its sales goals.

See What Worked in the Past

The first step to making successful sales plans is to look at former statistics and results. Examine sales records, and determine what marketing strategies, promotions and teams were successful in 2014 and why. In contrast, identify the costly blunders that could have been avoided. It may be necessary to drop old sales tactics for new ones that work more effectively in 2015. Making a clear analysis of the past helps you predict sales trends and generate better sales plans to overcome prior challenges.

Set Clear Sales Goals

Defining your sales goals is a huge factor in smart sales planning. It is important to set clear goals if you want to create sales plans that are timely and effective. Goals that are set too high lead to disappointment or disaster, but those that are set too low may result in stagnation or profit loss. Make plans to start working early on difficult deals with clients that can take multiple months to finalize, and create a roadmap to help your company take advantage of 2015 sales trends and gain an edge over the competition. Construct reasonable sales goals to make your vision a reality with successful sales planning.

Speak With Your Team

If you want to create sales plans that work, everyone must be informed and willing to commit to them. Discuss policies, procedures and consumer strategies necessary to execute the company's sales plans with the sales team. Consult your sales team and ask for their opinions and ideas for solutions to construct sales plans that your sales team is capable and willing to complete.

Reach Out to Customers Early

Start speaking with your regular customers about what they want to see in 2015 so you can build sales plans that help you meet the demands of loyal consumers. Stop pursuing customers who have not responded positively to sales outreach in the past year, and start looking for customers who hold a greater interest in your products and services immediately.

Alter the Plan if Necessary

It is foolish and costly to adhere to sales plans that damage your company’s value or workforce. If you find the sales plans you create are ineffective or leading your company in an adverse direction, abort and return to the drawing board with a new inspiration. Changing your sales plans when necessary can circumvent loss and place your company on the right course for the rest of the year. For example, if you are wasting precious sales resources pursuing customers or a cold target market, reach into new consumer populations that may be profitable instead.

Once you gather information from multiple sources, create an excellent sales plan. Use what worked in 2014, cast aside ineffective practices and sales strategies, and focus on making 2015 a more productive and successful year.


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