4 Classic IT Jobs That are Changing

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Technology is an ever-evolving field. Technological positions such as mainframe programmers, system admins, help techs and IT managers are seeing a decrease in available job openings thanks to more educated workers and outsourcing. Described as “volatile” by many in the tech field, technological positions are becoming harder to find.

Mainframe Programmers

For mainframe programmers, the shortage in technological positions stems from the fact that changing mainframe software is an expensive venture. Many companies question why they should replace something that's already working. In addition, most companies can find exactly what they need from a service on the Internet. Web development has been a key feature in shrinking the number of companies who need employees to handle the mainframe software.

System Administrators

System administrators are being affected by the ever-growing popularity of cloud storage, outsourcing and virtualization. Jobs in tech such as these are quickly shrinking due to the number of cheaper, more flexible resources available worldwide. Likewise, these technological jobs are increasingly being handled by third-party companies that specialize in system administration and take care of the task for several other companies instead.

Help Desk Technicians

Help desk technicians are still in demand, but that demand has decreased considerably over the years. Virtual options and outsourcing are main factors in why demand is falling. In addition, many companies and employees view the help desk as a launch pad into another higher-paying position. Companies are looking for cheaper, more permanent solutions.

IT Managers

IT managers are a dying field because it’s easier for most companies to have one employee wear several different hats. For example, a marketing employee may be incredibly tech-savvy, and thus the company will charge him with IT management as well, rather than hiring another individual.

Jobs in tech, such as the ones listed above, are becoming more and more difficult to find not only because of budgeting and outsourcing, but also because of the increasing number of college grads who are majoring in STEM degrees. The greater supply of qualified applicants combined with the decreasing availability of actual jobs makes technological positions incredibly hard to find.

As the Baby Boomer generation begins to retire, many technological positions may open up; however, by that time, many companies may be using virtual options that eliminate the need for a specialized employee. The existence of the cloud and virtual help desks aren't helping tech professionals in the search for technological positions.

Mainframe programmers, system admins, help desk techs and IT managers are all experiencing a shortage in available positions for similar reasons. The business world is taking a turn toward digital and virtual spaces, eliminating the need for many physical, in-office technological positions. Professionals who are looking to get a job in technology may want to consider specialized training in virtual environments as well as in lucrative programming languages and other types of web development.


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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Freddie B - You might try freelance or working as a temp in a company. Many companies are willing to overlook your lack of experience if you are willing to work temp at a lower salary. Bottom line is that you have to start somewhere.

  • Carlton W.
    Carlton W.

    Yeah it is a little difficult finding helpdesk positions today most are temporary contracts. Virtual is the way of the future at least it's easier on commuting


    I agree with it. This is the reason why Cisco also changed its CCENT certification exam for the first time in five years.

  • Freddie B.
    Freddie B.

    I agree with with you both Daniel, and Helen, but at the same time I am in a situation like many who have recently graduated from a reputable University in the past year in IT (Software Engineering Major), and face great challenges jump starting my career. Any suggestions ?

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas

    That's what keeps it exciting :)

  • Helen C.
    Helen C.

    The mainframe programmers, system admins. help techs and IT managers must continue to educate themselves in order to keep up with the ever-changing technologies of today.

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