4 Good Reasons to Turn Down A Job

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When you’ve been unemployed or underemployed for an extended duration it’s easy to jump on any opportunity that arises without question. It may seem like a simple case of anything is better than nothing but sometimes turning down a job can be better for you in the long run.


Before jumping on the first offer that comes along consider if any of the following four reasons apply to your situation:


Not Profitable – Accepting some jobs can wind up costing you more than you make. By now most of us know to be wary of opportunities that require an initial investment but there’s more to the cost of getting and keeping a job than cash out of pocket. Examine the pay as well as the benefit package. What do health insurance costs break down to? Will you lose more state assistance than you will recoup in salary? Also factor in distance and dress code. A job farther away or one that requires clothing not already in your wardrobe can become a burden on your bank account.


Awkward Hours – Don’t be so quick to sell out your schedule. A night differential may seem even more appealing on paper than it does in practice. Working late hours can take more of a toll on your physical, emotional and social wellbeing than you realize. Switching shifts is almost like moving to another country and can be very disorienting especially if you still have daytime responsibilities to attend to. Not all jobs with strange hours are at night though. Before accepting a position make sure you are comfortable with the time it will take away from your family, friends or the celebration of your spirituality.


 Creepy Coworkers – There are some people out there that just give you the heebie jeebies and others whose personality type just irritates you to no end. It’s important to try to get a feel of the people you will be working with before accepting a job. After all, you’ll be spending a good portion of your waking life with them. Trust your gut if you get a bad feeling from anyone you will be teamed with and walk away. Sometime it’s not worth making the money if dealing with people at work is making you crazy or uncomfortable.


Sketchy Safety – Some jobs, like police work, you know are dangerous before even applying. Others can be dangerous on the down low. Think about the area where the company is located and the times you will be there. Do you fear for your life during the morning commute or have concerns about being assaulted on the way to or from your vehicle? Retail establishments, especially convenient stores, are frequently robbed and bars can be a host to brawls. It’s important to research crime and safety statistics before you sign on. Also check around the establishment to see if everything is up to code. Owners who skimp on safety will likely cut corners when it comes to insurance as well.


You may have plenty of good reasons to take a job and those are important to consider as long as you don’t forget to look at the good reasons to pass it up too. If you’re really torn over a job offer make a list of pros and cons. Do not base your answer simply on which side is longer but weigh your decisions on the areas where you are willing to bend and what is simply unacceptable.


Have you had to turn down a job offer before? Why did you do it? Are you glad you did?


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  • Heather Fairchild
    Heather Fairchild
    Thanks for the feedback, Joseph. Being overqualified is definitely a reason to pass on a job that won't be stimulating or have room for advancement. Did you catch my recent article on being too smart for a job? You might enjoy that one as well.
  • Joseph B
    Joseph B
    I was on a job interview last week and actually over qualified for the job. this was a good article. I want to say I had to turn down job cause there were safety issues,  cause this place was in an old warehouse and very disorganized and cluttered  as well.

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